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Following months of discussion and planning, the Annapolis Valley
Radio (AVR) Network will renew "live" overnight programming,
thanks to a new unique partnership with the Kingstec Radio/TV
arts program of the Nova Scotia Community College in Kentville.

Beginning early in the new year, second year students from
Kingstec will host "live" overnight radio programs, replacing the
current American-based satellite feeds from the Interstate Radio
Network. Live local programming will run seven days a week, from
midnight to 5:30 a.m. with no automated program features.

Dianne Best-Redden, director of operations at AVR said, "This
change will allow us to have a cost effective means of providing
our market with 24 hour continuous live programming and provide
the radio students at Kingstec with invaluable on-the-job

She said: "While many radio markets have experimented with
automation, there is a growing feeling that listeners have not
responded favourably to cross country satellite feeds or
pre-recorded generic programming from computers."

"Live broadcasting throughout the campus is one thing," says
Kingstec's, applied arts department head, Graham MacDermott, "but
the real life experience that these students will be getting at
AVR will give them a huge boost in confidence and is bound to
make them more employable."

AVR president Neil MacMullen said: "It's a win-win situation. 
We'll have someone physically here in the studios overnight,
broadcasting a local live program and at the same time the
students are in a real situation with the same responsibilities
we'd expect from our full time employees."

Kingstec radio/TV arts students taking part in the program
beginning in January include: Cara Dewar, Ed MacDonald, Darin
Ramsay, Jennifer Blood, Jason MacDonald, Trent Howie, Crystal
Deale, James Cormier, Chris VanTassel, Jolene Crowe, Erin Black
and Jonathan Crouse.

The radio and television arts program at the Kingstec Campus is
now entering its 20th year. Following an industry review two
years ago, major renovations were made to the Kingstec facilities
including construction of six new radio studios, a new television
production facility and the hiring of two new instructors. Recent
additions have also included several new digital software
programs replacing older analog audio and video equipment.
Construction is also underway on three new video editing suites
and a newsroom.


Contact: Graham MacDermott  902-678-7341

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