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The following is a Christmas message from Premier John Savage:

I would like to take this opportunity to extend good wishes to
all Nova Scotians for a happy holiday season.

Nova Scotians have always been warm and generous in spirit. This
is the light that shines across the province during the holidays,
as people exchange gifts of kindness. I believe the true meaning
of Christmas is captured by these simple gestures; helping at a
local food bank, assisting a neighbour in need, visiting someone
who is alone --- these are the things that matter the most at

This is also a time of year that brings families together. We are
fortunate to live in communities where ties to friends, family
and neighbours are strong and binding. There is no blessing
greater than the love bestowed by family and friends. May that
love and warmth reach out to embrace all members of the community
so that all can share in the spirit of the season.

Together with my wife, Margaret, I wish you health, happiness and
good fortune in 1997. Enjoy the holiday season - and remember to
keep it safe!

Warm Regards,

John Savage


trp                      Dec. 16, 1996 - 8:40 a.m.