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An Annapolis Valley company will be harvesting its first crop of
tomatoes, peppers, onions and squash in the dead of winter this
year. AgroKings Canada Limited of Canning will be growing the
produce in the sunny, warm climate of Cuba, the result of an
international economic association between AgroKings and the
Cuban government.

This is the first cooperative agricultural deal of its kind for
both Nova Scotia and Cuba. The produce is destined for Nova
Scotia markets and the rapidly growing tourist trade in Cuba.
AgroKings will supply Nova Scotia wholesalers and processors with
fresh produce from Cuba during the province's off-season.
Additionally, the increasing demand from Cuban hotels for quality
produce is a guaranteed market for a higher grade of properly
packed and cooled vegetables.

AgroKings Canada Limited will create 26 jobs in Nova Scotia by
the third year. The Nova Scotia Business Development Corporation,
through the Nova Scotia Economic Renewal Agency, will guarantee
AgroKings' $250,000 bank loan.

"This is a perfect match," said Economic Renewal Minister Richie
Mann. "AgroKings is exporting Nova Scotia technology and
expertise. At the same time, it's selling quality produce to
Cuban hotels and supplying wholesalers back home."

Any excess production from the harvest will be turned over to
Cuba's National Food Supply to feed its people. The profits from
the harvest will be split between the Nova Scotia company and the
Cuban government.

AgroKings Canada Limited is a Nova Scotia, farmer-owned company,
formed to carry-out this project.

Glenn Ells, president of AgroKings Canada Limited said, "Nova
Scotia wholesalers will now have a guaranteed supply of fresh
produce year-round at competitive prices. And we're also
developing a new export market. We'll ship produce to Cuba during
their spring when they run out of fresh vegetables."

The economic association between AgroKings and the Cuban
government came about after Premier John Savage's first trade
mission to Cuba in February, 1994. Premier Savage identified an
opportunity in the agricultural export market that could benefit
both areas.

"At Premier Savage's suggestion, we attended a trade show in May
of 1994, where we asked the Cubans if they were interested in a
deal to grow and sell off-season to Canada. This was a first for
them but they were very interested. Now we've formed an
international economic association, whereby farmers in both
countries will work together, exchanging technology and
developing markets," said Mr. Ells.

"This is an innovative project," said Mr. Mann. "An Annapolis
Valley company is securing a quality product at a competitive
price, and at the same time, helping Cubans learn about modern
agricultural practices and marketing methods."

AgroKings expects to harvest its first crop this winter, with
delivery to Nova Scotia, beginning in mid-February. A Dartmouth
firm, Navis Shipping Ltd., will transport most of the produce
between Cuba and Nova Scotia, estimated at more than 1,000 tonnes

Kings Produce Limited of Canning is the parent company of
AgroKings Canada Limited.


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