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Recent customer service improvements at the Registry of Motor
Vehicles are paying off.

A recent survey indicates that customers are satisfied with
service at the registry and that line-ups are shorter. The
improvements are due to the registry's Customer Driven Service
campaign, through which the RMV is changing the way it does

"The good old days of eight-hour line-ups at the Registry of
Motor Vehicles are definitely behind us," said Business and
Consumer Services Minister Sandy Jolly. "And service will
continue to improve as we integrate customer feedback into our
programs and delivery mechanisms. Providing innovative and
convenient services to Nova Scotians is what this department is
all about."

Survey statistics, collected in September at RMV offices
throughout the province, show that more than 82 per cent of the
1,761 walk-in respondents rated customer service as very good. 
Service was rated in terms of attentiveness, friendliness,
knowledge and professionalism. Three-quarters of the people
surveyed rated the speed of service as very good and more than 60
per cent were waited on in under five minutes.

The Customer Driven Service campaign has implemented a number of
initiatives including extended hours in all 13 RMV locations. 
Offices are now open until 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday. To improve service to metro residents, a new RMV office
will open in Dartmouth in 1997.

The expiry date on drivers' licences has been changed to reflect
the holder's birthday so that renewals are staggered throughout
the month and not concentrated at month-end. Permits for cars and
light commercial vehicles have been lengthened to two years. And
when it is time to renew, owners have a variety of options.
Instead of the traditional visit to a registry office, they can
mail in or drop off their renewal for processing on the next
business day. In addition, a Switch Lines campaign has been
launched to encourage vehicle owners to avoid the line-up by
switching to a telephone renewal service.

The registry is also improving service to its business customers. 
It will soon be cutting the paperwork in half for more than 1,300
motor vehicle inspection station operators by introducing a
streamlined administrative process -- the first of its kind in
Canada. To improve service to car dealers and buyers, RMV now
provides on-site service at the Canadian Auction Group automobile
auction in Dartmouth on a weekly basis. Changes in registration
are finalized before the customer leaves the lot.

"Department-wide, customer satisfaction is our priority," said
Ms. Jolly. "The RMV survey indicated that our efforts are being
noticed and they also highlighted ways in which we can improve.
We're taking those suggestions seriously and hope to further
develop both our access channels and the taking our service to
our customers approach."


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trp                        Dec. 18, 1996 - 1:20 p.m.