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A Nova Scotia Endangered Species Act has been introduced in the
provincial legislature by Natural Resources Minister Eleanor
Norrie. It will circulated for public input and discussion
between now and the spring, 1997 session of the Legislative

"This draft legislation provides a comprehensive set of tools to
protect species at risk," said Mrs. Norrie. "It complements the
federal Endangered Species Act and is consistent with the
National Framework for the Conservation of Species at Risk which
was accepted in principle at the Canadian Wildlife Ministers
conference in Prince Edward Island last October."

This is Nova Scotia's first endangered species act. It provides

a) legal designation and listing of species at risk;
b) establishment of a species at risk conservation fund and a
   species at risk working group;
c) prohibition of killing, disturbance, sale or trade in
   endangered and threatened species;
d) development of endangered species recovery plans; and,
e) protection of critical habitat of endangered and threatened

"Over the weeks ahead, I encourage Nova Scotians to comment on
this important legislation and to make their views known to my
office or to the Wildlife Division of the Department of Natural
resources," said Mrs. Norrie.

In its current draft form, the Nova Scotia Endangered Species Act
is the most comprehensive and progressive provincial legislation
of its type in Canada, the minister said.

Copies of the act and background information on endangered
species conservation in Nova Scotia are available from the
Halifax office of the department --- Founders' Square, 1701
Hollis Street, Halifax -- or from the department's Wildlife
Division, 136 Exhibition Street, Kentville, NS, B4N 4E5,
telephone 902-679-6091. Information packages, including copies of
the act, will be available from Department of Natural Resources
field offices during the first week of January.


Contact: Dr. Sherman Boates or Barry Sabean 902-679-6091

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