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Transportation and Public Works Minister Don Downe said today
that the province is prepared to act on a report by a citizens
liaison committee, called "A Strategy To Clean Up PCB
Contaminated Sediments in Five Island Lake."

"I'm very encouraged by the cooperation among the liaison
committee, the residents of the Five Island Lake area and the
people in government departments who have worked hard for the
last two years to put forward this remediation strategy," said
Mr. Downe. "All recommendations in the report will be considered
on their merits before final decisions on clean-up can be made."

The minister said a control weir would be built to help block off
the contaminated North Bay from flowing into Five Island Lake.
It's a step that should be taken no matter what remediation
option is ultimately chosen, Mr. Downe said. The minister also
said he supports providing temporary water access to Five Island
Lake for the residents of North Bay.

The Five Island Lake Citizens Liaison Committee was formed two
years ago to plan a clean-up strategy for PCB oils that had been
released into the residential community through improper disposal
practices at a local salvage yard. Following some 28 meetings,
held over a two year period, the community has been informed of 
the committee's progress and plans through public meetings,
newsletters, and smaller group discussions.

"This community is dealing with a difficult environmental problem
in a very practical and sensible way. I commend their efforts and
look forward to working with them in the future," said Mr. Downe.
"This has been a model of how public consultation works."

Various remediation efforts have taken place including the
containment of a contaminated salvage yard. This particular
remediation plan, submitted to the Minister of Transportation and
Public Works and Environment Minister Wayne Adams, looks at a
strategy to clean up PCB contaminated sediments in the North Bay
of Five Island Lake.

Mr. Adams was enthusiastic about continuing to involve the
community as the process goes forward. "The community has taken a
strong leadership role in this process and we have to make sure
their voices are heard," he said.


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