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Agriculture and Marketing Minister Guy Brown, has announced the
awarding of two tenders for the supply and placement of quarried
rock for marshland protection in Cumberland and Kings Counties.

Howard E. Little Excavating Ltd. of Cambridge, with a bid of
$81,510 was the lowest of six bids received for the supply and
placement of 13,000 tonnes of quarried rock along dykes at the
west end of the Grand Pre marsh in the Wolfville area.

Ian Sinclair Contracting Services Ltd. of Truro was the lowest of
five bids received for the supply and placement of 8,900 tonnes
of quarried rock at the Converse and Nappan/Maccan marshes near
Amherst. The bid was for $61,605.

The rock will be used to protect the dykes and foreshores from
wave damage during storms or high tides.

The Department of Agriculture and Marketing currently maintains
240 kilometres of dykes and 260 aboiteau structures, which
protect 17,000 hectares of agricultural land, as well as roadways
and other important infrastructure.


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trp                          Dec. 19, 1996 - 12:20 p.m.