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As a result of a recent agri-food mission to the Caribbean, led
by the Agriculture and Marketing Minister Guy Brown, Nova Scotia
agri-food companies are already exporting produce to the region.

Stirling Fruit Farms, participant on the trade mission recently
shipped a 1,000 case container of apples to Barbados.

"As a result of the mission, stronger contacts and relationships
were established which will lead to greater trade activities and
will enhance Nova Scotia's agri-food industry trade activities
such as Stirling's shipment of apples to Barbados," Mr. Brown

Ralph and Hal Stirling see this as the first of many shipments to
the islands and credit the mission with helping them to further
develop their markets in the Caribbean. Hal Stirling said:
"Missions such as this one are essential as they allow you to
meet face to face with buyers, providing the opportunity to
better supply markets on a consistent basis, not on spot
opportunities as in the past."

The November mission, which included representatives of nine Nova
Scotia businesses, made several stops in Barbados and Trinidad
and Tobago to pursue market opportunities there. The objective of
the mission was to increase sales of Nova Scotia agri-food
products, encourage joint ventures of a developmental nature and
establish educational linkages for agricultural technology

Many of the islands are diversifying from their traditional
agricultural production base of sugar cane and bananas. This
diversification process provides opportunities which are being
explored by the International Centre of the Nova Scotia
Agricultural College. Opportunities may also exist for Nova
Scotia companies through joint ventures with Caribbean companies
in vegetable production. Produce would be shipped to Nova Scotia
during the winter months when Nova Scotia produce is no longer

Other companies participating in the mission included: Scotian
Gold, Masons, ACA/Eastern Protein, Spencer's Island Fruit and
Honey, Nova-Agri Associates Ltd., Selwood Green, Tony's Meats and
IMO Foods. All of the participants were encouraged by the
promising contacts made on the mission.


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