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ACCESS Technologies, the unanimous choice of a 12-member
evaluation committee, is the private sector partner for the new
Horton District High School, in Kings County, Education and
Culture Minister Robbie Harrison announced today. With this
important step, the school is on target to open its doors in
September 1998.

"ACCESS Technologies will deliver one of the best schools in the
country - on time, on budget, and in full partnership with the
school board, school, Acadia University, the community and
government," Mr. Harrison said. "At the same time, the province
is stimulating private sector investment which means new jobs and
economic growth in Nova Scotia."

Mr. Harrison said this school will be built from the community
up. "ACCESS has the expertise to create a technology-rich school,
offering the very best in learning opportunities, the very best
supports for students and teachers, in the very best school."

"However, it is the people - the students, parents, teachers,
staff and community - who form the heart of a successful school.
I want ACCESS to involve these people every step of the way in
creating our school for our children," he said.

As a first step, the minister is bringing some of the main
players in the ACCESS consortium to Horton District High on Jan.
13 to meet community members and present an overview of the
winning proposal. The overview will include highlights of the use
of leading-edge technology to support learning, professional
development support for teachers, benefits for neighbouring
schools, opportunities for community partnerships and unique
design features proposed for the school.

Seven companies have joined their expertise to form ACCESS
Technologies. Led by a jointly-owned company called Hardman
Lindsay School Ventures Ltd., consortium members include: the
Hardman Group Limited, development and facility managers; J. W.
Lindsay Enterprises Limited, contractors and construction
managers; Andersen Consulting, a global management and technology
consulting organization; GE Capital Technology Management
Services, technology leaders; Barrie and Langille Architects
Ltd.; Muttart Tufts DeWolfe & Coyle law firm in Kentville; and
Ernst & Young, accounting, tax and audit services.

Mr. Harrison thanked the evaluation committee members for the
hours of work they committed to the selection process. Committee
members include: Horton school principal Andrew Clinch; Fred
Crouse, coordinator of technology education and David Floyd,
coordinator of property service and transportation, both from the
Annapolis Valley Regional School Board; Wolfville school
principal and former assistant superintendent of the Kings County
District School Board, Tony Stewart; Dr. Jim Fasano and Dr. Greg
MacKinnon, both from Acadia's School of Education; and Fred
Tibbet, business advisory officer for Annapolis Valley with
Community Economic Development. Four representatives from the
Department of Education and Culture and one from the Department
of Finance also served on the committee.


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