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The Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps (NSYCC) is looking for
eight people, aged 21 to 24, who are interested in learning more
about the environment and improving their leadership skills.

Every year the conservation corps, in partnership with
Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador (CCNL), Association
de Apoyo y Promocion de Ideas para el Desarrollo (APID) and
Canada World Youth (CWY) send up to 16 young Atlantic Canadians
on an Environmental Leadership Program (ELP). As well, APID also
sponsors eight young Costa Ricans or "Ticos" in the program.

The program is divided into three phases. During the first,
participants are briefed on cultural adaptation, group standards,
roles and responsibilities.

The second phase of seven-eight weeks is conducted in Costa Rica
where the focus of the program is on developing leadership, while
engaged in environmental activities. While in Costa Rica, the
group works with APID in environmental, development and
leadership workshops/projects. Last year's program, for example,
worked on clean-up of a former dumpsite, including its
re-forestation, as well as development and delivery of
environmental education workshops to schools in Costa Rica.

For the Nova Scotia and Tico participants, the third phase of the
program takes place in Nova Scotia where they work with the Nova
Scotia Youth Conservation Corps as project workers. For nine
weeks they will be putting the skills and experiences gathered in
Costa Rica to use while working on environmental projects in the
Nova Scotia participants' home communities. They will also be
making presentations to youth and community groups. During this
phase, the Nova Scotia participants host their Tico counterparts
as well.

Participants selected for the program have their expenses to
Costa Rica (travel, meals and accommodations) covered by the ELP
partners. Participants will receive a modest amount of weekly
pocket money and a stipend of $850 upon successfully completing
the entire program. As well, a hosting allowance is also provided
to defray costs associated with hosting a Costa Rican counterpart
during the Nova Scotia phase.

Interested persons must be: open and adaptable to a cultural
exchange opportunity; have little or no international experience
but seeking to embrace a new experience; a permanent resident of
Nova Scotia; not afraid of hard work and learning Spanish;
wishing to participate as a project worker in their own community
for an additional eight-nine weeks working on environmental
projects such as trail development, stream enhancement,
wildlife/vegetation surveys, and environmental education; keen on
assuming a leadership role in improving the environment; open to
hosting a Tico counterpart participant during the Nova Scotia

Interested Nova Scotia applicants should contact: Bill Smith,
Administrator, Youth Conversation Corps, Department of the
Environment, P.O. Box 2107, Halifax, N.S.  B3J 3B7,
Fax: 902-424-0501, E-Mail:

Deadline for submissions is 4 p.m. Feb. 3, 1997.


Contact: Bill Smith  902-424-5071

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