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A distinguished environmental educator and researcher, and a
community group that is working to return the Acacia River to its
natural state have been honored for their environmental
leadership with the 1996 Gulf of Maine Visionary Award.

Dr. Derek Davis, of Halifax and the Digby East Fish and Game
Association were presented with their awards by Environment
Minister Wayne Adams and Fisheries Minister Jim Barkhouse during
a ceremony at Province House.

During a distinguished teaching career at Dalhousie University
and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Dr. Davis
published 80 scientific papers on the natural environment, and
helped to develop an environmental education program for the Nova
Scotia school system. His desire to show Nova Scotians the
importance of science and their relationship with the natural
environment led to the creation of travelling exhibitions on
fisheries, oceanography and saltmarshes.

"While his nearly 80 published papers speak of a man who has
gathered much knowledge, we are rewarding him today for his
willingness to share that knowledge with thousands of young eager
minds," said Mr. Adams. "He helped take science out of the
sterile environment of the lab and show Nova Scotians its effect
on their everyday lives."

The Digby East Fish and Game Association has a 37-year history of 
fish and wildlife conservation and an impressive track record,
said Mr. Barkhouse. "The association has done an exemplary job of
carrying forward concerns of local residents to proper
authorities and succeeded in raising both government and public
awareness of fish and wildlife issues. Over the years, it has
worked to reduce potential damage from development operations,
and to protect and restore populations of both land and aquatic
wildlife," said Mr. Barkhouse.

The current work on the Acacia River in Digby County involves a
long-term project to restore the aquatic habitat of an eight
kilometre stretch of connecting streams and brooks that once
supported a wide range of fish, including trout and salmon. A
nature and interpretive trail is also planned and will help raise
public appreciation of this unique Gulf of Maine watershed, the
minister said.

The Visionary Awards are presented on behalf of the Gulf of Maine
Council on the Marine Environment. The council was established in
1989 by the governors of New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine
along with the premiers of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Under
its mandate, the council serves as a forum for issues of common
concern in the gulf region.


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