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The second of the province's new critical care transport
ambulances will be officially placed in service in the Annapolis
Valley area tomorrow.

The ambulances are designed for the transportation of critically
ill patients to and from hospitals. The units also provide ground
support for the air medical transport team. The large modular
ambulances are equipped with enhanced patient care capabilities.
The vehicles also afford care givers the necessary room to
deliver continuous advanced care during transport.

"These new larger units are a welcome addition to our fleet,"
said Dr. Mike Murphy, executive director of Emergency Health
Services Nova Scotia. "These vehicles help to provide patients
with high levels of comfort and care, and offer staff the
capability to provide advanced level care."

The vehicles were designed and built with input from emergency
medical technicians and other health care providers from across
the province. On-going improvements and refinements are made to
the vehicles as they are put into service. The Department of
Health plans to place a total of 12 critical care transport units
in communities across Nova Scotia this year.

The units are leased from Tri-Star Industries in Yarmouth and are
part of the provincial fleet replacement program to ensure Nova
Scotians are being served by state-of-the-art emergency vehicles.
Each unit is manufactured at a cost of $85,000. The vehicles will
be leased for a period of three years.


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