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Health Minister Bernie Boudreau expressed regret today over a
decision by Nova Scotia doctors to reject an agreement to help
address an overrun in the budget for physician services.

In doing so, the members of the Nova Scotia Medical Society have
chosen to follow measures already contained in a 1995 agreement.

"We had hoped the doctors would choose the new agreement worked
out with the Medical Society because we thought it would be less
painful," said Mr. Boudreau. "However, the doctors obviously
preferred to continue with the previous arrangement."

The 1995 agreement was negotiated and signed by the government
and the Medical Society as a way to include doctors in a three
per cent rollback of public sector wages. The new agreement,
rejected by the doctors in a vote released today, was negotiated
over the past several months.

"Public sector workers made a sacrifice to help the government
balance the provincial budget for the first time in 25 years,"
said Mr. Boudreau. "By releasing the doctors from their
contractual commitment to participate in this effort, we would
jeopardize the balanced budget this year. That is simply not an

Mr. Boudreau said the government would forward details to the
Medical Society of how it will implement the 1995 agreement
before April 1, when it takes effect.


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