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Nova Scotia companies today signed contracts and memorandums of
understandings worth $11.4 million, Premier John Savage said
today in Thailand.

The Province of Nova Scotia also signed a memorandum of
understanding (MOU) with Thailand's Ministry of Higher Education.

Today's agreements push the total value of Nova Scotia signings
on the current Team Canada Asian trade mission to almost $18

"This has been by far the most successful Nova Scotia Team Canada
mission to date. This success reflects the growing importance of
Asian markets to Nova Scotia."

"Asian economies, especially in the developing countries, are
growing at a phenomenal rate when compared to other world
markets. In order to capitalize on these markets, it is important
for Nova Scotia companies to get in on the ground floor and not
wait until these Asian economies become fully developed," Premier
Savage said.

The agreements signed today include:

-  A memorandum of agreement between Survival Systems, of
   Dartmouth, and the National Petrochemical Public Company of
   Bangkok. This project, valued at $10 million, will see the
   establishment of a joint venture to operate a survival
   training institute to serve Thailand and other countries in
   Southeast Asia.

-  A $1.4 million agreement between Acadian Seaplants, of
   Dartmouth, and Intercrop Limited, of Bangkok, to purchase
   seaweed products. Acadian Seaplants employs 100 full-time
   employees and more than 1,000 seasonal workers.

-  A memorandum of understanding between Atlantic Combustion
   Products, of Amherst, and Asia Combustion Product and the
   Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand. Initially,
   Atlantic Combustion will be supplying its CoMate combustion
   catalyst on a product trial basis. A successful completion of
   this test would result in Atlantic Combustion selling $11.5
   million worth of its product annually to the Thailand

Premier Savage said the memorandum of understanding signed with
Thailand's Ministry of Higher Education will build on Nova
Scotia's strong international reputation in post-secondary
education. The memorandum will encourage cooperation in many
areas of post-secondary education and training in both

"Thailand has discovered Nova Scotia as a valuable resource for
post-secondary education and research, as well as student and
staff exchanges. Today's signing opens the door for expanded
opportunities for both students and our post-secondary
institutions," the premier said.

The MOU encourages both Thailand and Nova Scotia to cooperate in
education and training at both the undergraduate and
post-graduate levels; to develop specific education and training
programs and projects between institutions; and to cooperate in
research and development.

Nova Scotia is aggressively marketing its post-secondary
educational system overseas and has established a joint marketing
plan between the provincial government, universities and the Nova
Scotia Community College. The aim is to attract 1,000 new
international students to Nova Scotia by the year 2000,
generating $2 million in new revenues.

"Foreign students studying in our province have the dual benefit
of providing new revenues while at the same time acting as
unofficial Nova Scotia ambassadors when they return home after
graduation," Premier Savage said.

Saint Mary's and Dalhousie Universities, the Nova Scotia College
of Art and Design and the Nova Scotia Community College are all
represented on the current Team Canada trade mission. The
mission, which began Jan. 8, wraps up early next week with most
members of the Nova Scotia delegation returning home Tuesday.


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