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Students and teachers across the province have been invited to
participate in a campaign to help combat smoking among youth.

The campaign, geared to students in grades six and seven, aims to
raise awareness among youth and their parents/guardians about the
benefits of not smoking. For grade six students, the challenge is
to produce messages to adults. The grade 7 students are asked to
produce radio messages to other youth focusing on why they
shouldn't smoke.

To date, more than 400 requests have been received from teachers
across the province for more information on the campaign, and the
related support materials. The majority of the requests,
approximately 300, are from grade six teachers.

"We are very pleased with the enthusiastic response," said Merv
Ungurain, the director of the tobacco control unit at the
Department of Health. "Grade six and seven students are at a
critical age. The campaign will help to provide them with the
skills to remain smoke-free for life."

In Nova Scotia, the average age students first try tobacco is 12
years for girls and 11 years for boys. A 1994 survey revealed
that 20 per cent of Nova Scotia adolescents smoke regularly.

Brochures describing the campaign are available from the tobacco
control unit of the Department of Health. Please call
902-424-5187 or fax 902-424-0663. A complete set of support
materials makes up the accompanying resource package. The
deadline for submitting the radio ads and messages to adults is
April 18, 1997. The ads and messages may be used in upcoming
provincial non-smoking campaigns.

The campaign is being launched as part of national Non-Smoking


Contact: Lori MacLean  902-424-5025

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