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The three main players in French education in Nova Scotia want to
forge a partnership to deliver the best possible programs and
services to Acadian and Francophone learners across the province.

Universite Ste.-Anne, College de l'Acadie and Le Conseil scolaire
acadien provincial (CSAP) have issued a call for proposals for
creative ideas on building a "Nova Scotia Acadian Educational

While each institution will maintain its independence, the
partnership will help them improve programs and services through
shared ideas and resources. As well, opportunities to streamline
administration and export services nationally will mean more
dollars available to support Acadian and French language
education and training in Nova Scotia.

Education and Culture Minister Robbie Harrison praised the three
institutions for their innovation. "Individually, each of these
institutions have made great strides in advancing Acadian and
French language education in this province. Together, the
potential of what they can achieve reaches even higher for
learners of all ages in all communities, from Cheticamp to
Clare-Argyle, from Sydney to Halifax, from Pomquet to Greenwood,"
the minister said.

"As an added benefit, this partnership will mean more expertise
and resources can de dedicated to the needs of learners, with
less money spent on duplication and administration," he said.

The CSAP's mandate is to provide French language education
services from primary to grade 12, serving approximately 4,160
students. College de l'Acadie provides post-secondary vocational
training in French to almost 1,000 full time and part time
learners in six learning centres across the province. Universite
Ste.-Anne provides university level programs to more than 1,300
full time and part time students. The total operating budget for
the three institutions is $28.7 million, $2.4 million of which is
for administration.


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