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InNOVAcorp has been ISO 9000 certified.

The technology commercialization corporation of the provincial
government will be one of 65 companies to receive a commendation
award today from Premier Savage at an event hosted by the Quality
and Productivity Initiative (QPI) at the Halifax Sheraton.

InNOVAcorp was certified to the ISO 9002 quality management
system by the Quality Management Institute (QMI). This
achievement was the culmination of a year of preparation by the
corporation's 105 employees. The registration makes InNOVAcorp
the first provincial government institution in Atlantic Canada to
become ISO certified.

"In our first year of operation we have brought together a strong
commercialization team geared to get results for Nova Scotia's
small-and medium-sized businesses, and the ISO 9000 standards are
now ingrained as a part of our work with clients," said
InNOVAcorp CEO Dr. Ross McCurdy.

"A key part of our strength lies in the diversity of resources we
can bring to the table. We have a unique commercialization
strategy that we bring to a company," Mr. McCurdy said. The
corporation offers commercialization, scientific, engineering and
incubation services to its 600 clients.

"We have a mandate to be a champion of science and technology for
Nova Scotia," said Mr. McCurdy. "And the best way to set an
example is to be one. Very simply, that is why we made a
commitment to quality."

InNOVAcorp was one of many companies to benefit from the support
of QPI as it worked toward registration of a quality management
system. QPI qualified consultants provided InNOVAcorp with an
assessment of existing quality systems last summer, mid-way
through its ISO 9000 registration process. McCurdy said the
internal assessment, although not a requirement of the formal ISO
9000 audit, helped focus on procedures that still needed to be

InNOVAcorp has a unique relationship with QPI that goes beyond
the client/consultant relationship - QPI's Metro office is
located at InNOVAcorp's facilities in Dartmouth. QPI is just one
of three programs linked to InNOVAcorp's activities for its own

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