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Community Services Minister John MacEachern has welcomed the
federal government's decision to provide a one-year extension for
the national Vocational Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (VRDP)

In a presentation to a federal task force last August, Mr.
MacEachern urged the federal government to continue funding the
program and to continue taking a strong role in social programs.

"This program has been a cost-effective and valuable program for
Nova Scotians with disabilities and an excellent example of
federal-provincial cooperation," said Mr. MacEachern. "It is
gratifying to see the federal government responding positively to
this recommendation from the task force." The extension for the
1997-98 fiscal year will allow time for a discussion on the
future direction of the program.

The VRDP program in Nova Scotia has an annual cost of $15
million, shared equally between the two governments. The program
provides resources and assistance which prepare people with
disabilities to enter the labour market and is coordinated by the
Department of Community Services.

VRDP services are provided by the Departments of Health,
Education and Culture, and Community Services. Elements of the
program include employment, vocational and educational services,
specialized counselling, job coaching and wage subsidies.

The VRDP Agreement began in 1961 and hundreds of Nova Scotians
with disabilities are given help each year through the program.


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