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Friday, January 31, 1997: People involved in Nova Scotia tourism
are looking at a new partnership to strengthen the role of
industry in provincial tourism initiatives. Proponents of the new
partnership say it will lead to more tourists and more revenue
for Nova Scotians.

"The tourism industry has grown and become stronger. There's
consensus on the need to move away from government-led
initiatives and into a true partnership with industry," said
Economic Renewal Minister Richie Mann.

The nature of that partnership is now being examined by a joint
committee of government and industry representatives. "We're
looking at what other provinces are doing," says committee
co-chair Peggy Anderson, president of the Tourism Industry
Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS).

Those models include arm's length, industry-driven authorities
such as the Canadian Tourism Commission, and joint partnerships
where both sides have equal input.

"Our goal is to find a new way of operating together on
everything from research and marketing to strategic planning and
product development. By sharing dollars and resources, our
efforts will have a greater impact," Ms. Anderson said.

Traditionally, the government has taken the lead in tourism
initiatives. Once developed, industry people are then asked to
support the various programs. Both industry and government have a
lot at stake -- about $9 million invested on cooperative
marketing ventures each year.

"There's a genuine commitment to rethinking these outdated roles,
and we're looking for broad representation from all
stakeholders," said provincial co-chair David Oxner. "Ultimately,
we need to incorporate joint decision-making in critical areas
affecting the industry's bottom line," said Mr. Oxner, assistant
to the deputy minister of the Economic Renewal Agency.

Committee member Susan Bartlett, owner of Inn on the Lake, Fall
River, is encouraged by these efforts. "We know the status quo is
not an option. Given the sweat equity and dollars invested, it's
essential that stakeholders in this province have some say in the
planning process and in the execution of programs."

In addition to the partnership planning committee, three
ministerial task forces have been formed to look at tourism
financing, the Year of Music celebrations, and the province's
role in meeting and convention planning and marketing.


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