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Phonettix Intelecom Ltd., a leading developer of advanced
application software for call centres and Canada's largest
contract call centre business, is expanding is operations to
Halifax. The company will employ 470 people by 1999 in its new
Halifax centre, which will include an advanced call centre
software development group and a large, multi-functional call

The announcement was made today by Nova Scotia Premier John
Savage, Phonettix Intelecom chairman and CEO Michael Jarman, MT&T
president and CEO Colin Latham and  Nova Scotia Economic Renewal 
Minister Richie Mann.

Premier Savage welcomed Phonettix to the province, saying: " Nova
Scotia is committed to telecommunications and information
technology because it is a rapidly growing sector that is
creating jobs for Nova Scotians. Phonettix  is now playing a
major role within that sector by creating 470 jobs. The future
looks bright, for Phonettix and for Nova Scotia.

Phonettix chose Nova Scotia because of its people, said Mr.
Jarman. " Our team was impressed by the high quality,
well-educated workforce in Halifax. We also like the first-rate
telecommunications and technology infrastructure, low-cost base
for doing business, and the willingness of the province and MT&T
to partner with Phonettix.@

Mr. Jarman also described one of Phonettix Intelecom's new
services. " The company has developed a sophisticated software
application that provides a direct connection between selected
web sites and Phonettix call centres."

He said Phonettix plans to take advantage of opportunities in
electronic commerce by introducing a direct call centre response
to web site users at the click of a mouse. As soon as a user
makes contact via an icon, a Phonettix call centre
representative, looking at the same screen, will respond by voice
to any questions Internet customers may have.

"Phonettix  believes the introduction of a direct human interface
over the Internet will comfort potential customers and increase
the chance of closing a sale," said Mr. Jarman.

This service will be introduced through the new Halifax centre,
which is scheduled to open this spring. The centre plans to
employ 220 people by Aug. 31, 1997.

Phonettix  has been providing sophisticated call centre and help
desk software applications to companies such as Bell Canada and
some of the country's largest banks for several years. For
example, CIBC's telebanking centres in Halifax and Regina employ
systems developed by Phonettix.

Connections Nova Scotia, an MT&T and Nova Scotia government
partnership, was instrumental in bringing this new business to
the province.

MT&T CEO Colin Latham said, " Value-added partnerships like
Connections are exactly what will continue to convince decision
makers that Nova Scotia is one of the best places in the world to
live, work and invest. At MT&T, we use our state-of-the-art
network to help build the economic strength of this province. But
we also offer our expertise, an open-for-business attitude, and
an understanding of the potential of telecommunications and
information technology as drivers of job creation here in Nova

Mr. Mann said, " This project is an investment on our future. It
follows the province's economic strategy in attracting high
technology companies that are export driven. There's no financial
risk here, but there is a reward, and that's 470 jobs.@

Premier Savage said the announcement is a strong endorsement of
Nova Scotia's competitive advantages. " People skills and
technology infrastructure attracted Phonettix to Nova Scotia," he
said. " Our province offers the best educated workforce in
Canada, and that asset is drawing investors from all over Canada
and the world."

Phonettix Intelecom Ltd. is Canada's largest contract call centre
operator and, in addition, a leading developer of advanced
application software solutions for call centres. Based in
Richmond Hill,Ont.,Phonettix Intelecom is a Canadian public
company trading on the Toronto and Alberta stock exchanges under
the symbol PXT.

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