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The Department of Natural Resources will hold five workshops
during February to seek public input on the first Nova Scotia
Endangered Species Act. 

The act was introduced in the provincial legislature by Natural
Resources Minister Eleanor Norrie on Dec. 18, 1996.

"I encourage Nova Scotians to participate in the discussions and
workshops on this important draft legislation and to make their
views known," said Mrs. Norrie. "This legislation provides a
comprehensive set of tools to protect species at risk."

The workshops are scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 25, in Sydney;
Wednesday, Feb. 26, in Dartmouth (afternoon and evening);
Thursday, Feb. 27, in Yarmouth; and Friday, Feb. 28, in Truro.
Anyone wishing to participate in one of these sessions, should
register by Feb. 14, 1997 at the following address: Endangered
Species, Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Division, 136
Exhibition St., Kentville, N.S. B4N 4E5, phone: 902-679-6091,
fax: 902-679-6176.

Since Dec. 18, over 350 information packages have been sent out
to individuals and groups for comments. These packages are
available from the Department's Halifax office (Founder's Square,
1701 Hollis St.); the Wildlife Division (136 Exhibition St.,
Kentville); or Department of Natural Resources field offices.

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Contact:  Dr. Sherman Boates    902-679-6146

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