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There is activity at the Shelburne Marine Shipyard once again.  

Economic Renewal Minister Richard Mann today confirmed that the
clean-up process has commenced at the shipyard.

In late December, the provincial government announced it had
reached an agreement with  Steel & Engine Products Limited
(Stenpro) of Liverpool, to lease the facility occupied by the
former Shelburne Marine.  

Former Shelburne Marine workers have been hired to remove
machinery and equipment and prepare  the building for
disassembly. The workforce will gradually increase in size as the
clean-up progresses.  

Both the province, through the Nova Scotia Business Development
Corporation (NSBDC), and Stenpro  are involved in the clean-up. 
Mr. Mann said that the NSBDC had hired a local contractor to
disassemble  the old electrical shop.  The building will be
removed, piece by piece, in order to recover, recycle and reuse
as much material as possible. The machinery and equipment will be
moved to another building. The additional space will be used for
yard work and parking.

The NSBDC has also hired a registered company to remove contained
hazardous waste materials from the site.

Stenpro is currently undertaking an engineering review and
analysis to determine exactly what repairs and renovations are
needed to get the yard operational once again.  

Shelburne Marine complements Stenpro's multi-purpose operation in
Liverpool. Shelburne has twice the haul-out capacity of
Liverpool, allowing it to handle much larger ships. Thirteen
former workers of Shelburne Marine are now working at the
Liverpool yard.

Steel & Engine Products Limited, an Irving company, is leasing
the shipyard and has the option to purchase the yard at any time. 


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mfm          Feb. 4, 1997          9:45 a.m.