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Premier John Savage today announced a one year, $42.6 million
extension to the Canada-Nova Scotia Infrastructure Works Program. 
The program will be funded equally by Ottawa, the province and the
municipalities.  The province's $14.2 million portion will be found
through a re-allocation of existing funds.

With three funding partners, this will mean a total infusion of
$42.6 million into the economy creating jobs and addressing
deficient community infrastructure, the premier said.

"The program will address the infrastructure needs in many Nova
Scotia communities," he said. "Municipalities have expressed their
support for an extension of the program."

Launched in January 1994, the Canada-Nova Scotia Infrastructure
Works Program's objectives are to kick-start the economy, put
people to work and help municipalities upgrade deteriorating
infrastructure. To date, more than $220 million has been invested
in more than 300 projects across Nova Scotia.


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mfm        Feb. 4, 1997         11:30 a.m.