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The first of a select group of 15 Nova Scotian teachers have left
their classrooms to gain business and workplace experience under
the recently launched Workplace Experiences Program for

In addition to building links between the workplace and schools,
the program is intended to provide teachers with the opportunity
to bring back to their students current information on business
practices and workplace requirements which can then be
incorporated in the teaching curriculum.

The Workplace Experiences Program for Educators is a partnership
between the Nova Scotia Teachers Union and the Nova Scotia
Department of Education and Culture. The project is being managed
by the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development
(CEED). Each teacher will form a partnership with a local
business. Not only will the teacher learn about the modern
workplace by working in it, the business will learn more about
the school system.

The program was created in response to the need for today's
students to understand the need for life-long learning and
adaptation to change if they are to succeed in the workplace.
Teachers will bring back real-life experience from their week in
a workplace environment of their choice. The experience will help
them assist students to develop business skills and
entrepreneurial qualities, and to make effective career choices.

The program arranges for a substitute teacher and matches the
participants with businesses in which they have expressed an
interest. The program was limited to 15 placements which are to
be completed by the end of March, 1997. "It is hoped that this
innovative pilot project will enhance the links between the
classroom and the work environment," said Chris Curtis, manager
of CEED.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development is a
joint venture funded by the Department of Education and Culture
and the Canada/Nova Scotia COOPERATION Agreement on Economic
Diversification, managed by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities
Agency and the Nova Scotia Economic Renewal Agency. 

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