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It is now easier for Nova Scotians to obtain information on the
various permits, approvals and licences issued by the provincial

Business and Consumer Services Minister Sandy Jolly said the new
permits, approvals and licences (PAAL) directory is a source of
information that had long been asked for by Nova Scotians. "The
provincial government has over 275 permits, approvals and
licences yet until now, there was never a comprehensive source of
basic information, such as where do I get the permit? How much
does it cost?" she said.

The PAAL directory is available on the Internet at and is also for sale on diskette
at the Nova Scotia Government Bookstore. "Because this is such an
important source of public information, and because of the impact
permits and licences have on business operations, we are offering
diskettes free of charge to regional libraries and regional
economic development agencies throughout the province," the
minister said.
"This directory is easy to use and provides information on all
the permits, approvals and licences of all government departments
and some agencies and boards, from Agriculture to the Utility
Review Board. The information includes who needs the licence,
where it can be obtained and the fee, if any," Ms. Jolly said.
"An excellent search feature is included to make it even easier
to find details about a particular permit or licence."


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mfm       Feb. 5, 1997         11:30 a.m.