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The Hanse Society, a non-profit community organization, will
lease and operate the Upper Clements Family Theme Park, in
Annapolis County, for up to 10 years, it was announced today at

The society will keep the park open for at least 80 days a year,
including all of July and August, and create up to 30 more jobs
for local people than in previous years.

The park will be marketed with other local attractions such as
the Upper Clements Wildlife Park, and with local businesses,
making it part of a package for visitors to the Annapolis Valley

"Upper Clements can be a major player in the economic development
of the area. It starts with tourism, but there will be more
opportunities for local food service operators, retailers,
hoteliers and craftspeople," said Economic Renewal Minister
Richie Mann.

The Cornwallis Park Development Agency will loan $300,000 to the
society for working capital, and the province will invest up to
$310,000 a year to assist with operating costs, upgrades and
tourism marketing.

"The Hanse Society should be congratulated for co-ordinating a
team of community groups, all dedicated to making Upper Clements
park reach its full potential," said Human Resources Minister
Allister Surette, Chair of Team South West.

Pat McWade, interim chair of the Hanse Society, said the new
plans for the park are the result of community and government
teamwork. "It was a delightful process. I've got nothing but good
things to say about the Economic Renewal Agency. We appreciate
their cooperation and the integral part played by the Cornwallis
Park Development Agency."

"It's a positive step and we're getting tremendously positive
feedback for our community-based board," said Mr. McWade. "Now
the people in the community can take charge of their own affairs
and we're grateful to the government for it's positive spirit and
willingness to listen to our needs."

The interim board of the Hanse Society consists of
representatives from the Cornwallis Park Development Agency, the
Upper Clements Wildlife Park, the Municipality of Annapolis and
the Western Valley Regional Development Agency. It will add
representatives from several other community groups in the near

"The park is an important economic generator in this part of the
valley and people want to see it grow," said James Horsfall, of
the Cornwallis Park Development Agency.


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