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The contributions of all school staff will be celebrated during
National Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week, Feb. 9 - 15, Education
and Culture Minister Robbie Harrison and Nova Scotia Federation
of Home & School Associations president Sandra Himmelman said

National Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week is sponsored by the
Canadian Home and School Federation. Established in 1988, the
week provides parents and all others the opportunity to join in
nation-wide demonstrations of support for Canada's schools and
their staffs.

"National Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week is a great opportunity
for all of us to thank everyone who makes a difference, each and
every day in our schools," said Mr. Harrison and Ms. Himmelman.
"Our schools are among the best in the world, beyond the
buildings and the technology in them, our schools are great
because of the people who work so hard to ensure our children
receive the best possible education."

Mr. Harrison referred to a recent Atlantic Canadian survey that
gave teachers top marks: "Eight out of 10 students believe their
teachers are fair and supportive," said Mr. Harrison. "I am
confident those numbers reflect all staff within the school."

Ms. Himmelman said it is important to recognize the efforts of
everyone who makes a contribution to the education of our
children: teachers, school secretaries, teacher assistants,
counsellors, administrators, custodians, bus drivers and
countless others.

"Every person in Nova Scotia has reason to be proud of our
education system," she said. "Together, we are giving our
children every opportunity to be successful in the future."


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