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The Department of Natural Resources has acquired approximately
564 kilometres (350 miles) of abandoned rail corridor lands
throughout Nova Scotia from CN Rail at no cost. This new
acquisition means the province now owns approximately 1100
kilometres (650 miles) of abandoned rail lines.

"This is a very significant transaction for the province because
we are receiving almost $3.7 million worth of assets at no cost,"
said Premier John Savage. "These rail corridors may provide
recreational opportunities for Nova Scotians and tourists through
community based development."

"We have acquired these abandoned rail corridors in consideration
of their potential for future development and management," said
Natural Resources Minister Eleanor Norrie. "Let me make it clear,
if these rail corridors are to become trails it will require the
initiative of municipalities, community groups and local
organizations to develop and maintain them."

Provincial acquisition of the lands has been supported by various
communities and community groups and organizations. Decisions
about the uses and any recreational development will be based on
community input.

"We will work in partnership with community based groups," said
Mrs. Norrie. "Consultation with all interested parties, including
trail groups and adjoining landowners, is essential."

The province previously purchased 483 kilometres (300 miles) of
abandoned CN rail corridors. In June 1995, the government
unveiled a Provincial Policy for Rails to Trails in Nova Scotia
to provide direction for the management and use of the abandoned
railway corridors owned by the Province.

Wherever acceptable, the Department of Natural Resources will
encourage local initiatives in trail development and management.

The Sport and Recreation Commission will work with municipalities
and community groups to assist with the planning, design and
management of trails established on abandoned railway corridors. 

"With the passing of the Occupiers Liability Act and the
acquisition of these lands, the province is in a position to
become a leader in trail development," said Sport and Recreation
Minister Jay Abbass.


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