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Nova Scotia Fisheries Minister Jim Barkhouse has welcomed the
news from Ottawa that Federal Treasury Board President Marcel
Masse has agreed to review the cumulative impacts of user fees on
the fishing industry.

Nova Scotia has been asking for a thorough review of fishing and
related service fees since 1995, said Mr. Barkhouse.

The provincial legislature passed a motion Oct. 26, 1995, asking
the Prime Minister, Finance Minister Paul Martin and the Minister
of Fisheries and Oceans to recognize Nova Scotia's uniqueness and
provide opportunities "to develop appropriate, made-in-Nova
Scotia strategies for building a sustainable fishery by examining
the cumulative impacts of all proposed fisheries policies and
fees prior to their implementation," Mr. Barkhouse said.

"I am relieved that our message is being heard in Ottawa," he
said. "Our fishing and fish processing industries are the major
source of employment and revenue for many coastal communities.
Each full-time job creates another two to three indirect jobs
through the provision of goods and services. We need to focus our
efforts on helping industry to survive and grow."

Mr. Barkhouse said the provincial Department of Fisheries is
prepared to assist the federal minister in his review of fees and
he hopes there will be opportunities for discussion before final
decisions are made.


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