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Premier John Savage said he is "encouraged" by a Statistics
Canada report Friday that 3,100 jobs were created in Nova Scotia
over the past month. This follows an employment gain of 3,000
between November and December of last year.

"In the past two months more than 6,000 Nova Scotians found jobs.
This brings the total number of new jobs since the 1993 election
to 24,000," the Premier said.

The monthly Stats Can labour force survey also indicated that
more and more Nova Scotians are returning to the labour force and
actively seeking employment.

"The fact that more people are joining the labour force shows
growing confidence in the economy. The down side is that the
labour force is growing so rapidly that it is difficult for job
growth to keep up. Despite that, 3,100 of the 3,900 who joined
the labour force in the past month all found jobs."

Premier Savage said he continues to be concerned about some areas
of the province that continue to have unacceptably high rates of

"We are trying to address problems in specific areas by putting
more emphasis on local development authorities. Local citizens
must have input in how their communities are developed. The goal
is to provide long term, sustainable employment," he said.

The Premier said the Halifax Metro area continues to a bright
spot. Halifax now has the lowest unemployment rate east of


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