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A $12 million road construction project will bridge the gap for
Highway 103 at Barrington, Shelburne County, Transportation and
Public Works Minister Don Downe announced today.

"This project will connect one of the last missing sections of
Highway 103 in Shelburne County, providing a safer, controlled
access road for motorists travelling the south western area of
the province," Mr. Downe said.

The 8.3 kilometre two-lane highway will extend north of Oak Park, 
Riverhead, Barrington Head and Barrington, and run from the
existing Highway 103 near Oak Park to Trunk 3/Highway 103 east of
Barrington. This construction project will take three years to
complete and is likely to enhance economic opportunities in the
area, the minister said.

"In the short term we expect there to be indirect and direct job
creation, and economic advantages for local business," he said. 
"In the long term, the roadway will become part of the province's
infrastructure offering a safer, more efficient mode of travel
for business or pleasure."

Signs will be posted along Highway 103 indicating destinations
and services in the Barrington area.

As part of the department's long term planning process
preliminary environmental work has already been done on site. The
project will be registered for environmental approval early this
spring or summer. Construction is scheduled to begin this summer
and be complete in the fall of 1999.


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mfm        Feb. 12, 1997     12:02 p.m.