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The annex at the Halifax Correctional Centre has been closed due
to air quality concerns. Testing is ongoing, but to ensure the
safety of staff and offenders, the unit will remain closed until
air quality concerns are fully addressed.

The unit is used to house offenders serving intermittent
sentences, those who are on day parole or temporary absence
inmates. These offenders have undergone a risk assessment in 
order to be eligible for administrative release programs. It is a
requirement that these offenders are housed separately from the
general offender population.

While the unit is closed, offenders will be housed in a
segregated area of the Halifax Correctional Centre, half-way
houses in the community, or they will be placed on administrative
release or house arrest. Transfers to other institutions will
also be arranged should space requirements warrant it.

Testing is being conducted by the Department of Transportation
and Public Works, with results expected next week. The problem
was discovered when maintenance was being carried out on the
unit. It is expected that approximately 40 offenders will be


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trp                   Feb. 21, 1997 - 10 a.m.