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It is "upsetting" that what should have been a peaceful labour
protest in Sydney Monday ultimately led to the destruction of
private property, Premier John Savage said today.

The premier was commenting on a demonstration at a Sydney work
site in which a seniors home under construction was burned down.

Premier Savage said, "The timing of today's incident is
unfortunate. The provincial government is working hard to attract
new investment to Cape Breton as well as negotiating the possible
sale of Sydney Steel.
"People have the right to demonstrate. But they don't have the
right to destroy private property in the process. Ninety-nine
percent of Cape Bretoners are law-abiding. But it takes just a
handful of militants to give the whole area a bad name."

He pleaded for "calm and understanding" in the wake of today's
unfortunate incident.
"I'm very much aware of the frustration caused by continuing high
unemployment in Cape Breton. But the community as a whole must
play a big part in finding solutions. It won't happen over night.
We must all be patient."
Premier Savage pledged his continued support for a cooperative
effort between government, business and labour in order to find
long-term solutions to Cape Breton's unemployment problems.

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jlw                        Feb. 24, 1997       5:15 p.m.