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Quality assurance is a key issue in higher education, but how to
achieve it is still open to debate. That's why the Maritime
Provinces Higher Education Commission (MPHEC) has released a
quality assurance discussion paper and is looking for public

"This issue is a hot topic in higher education throughout the
western world," said MPHEC interim chair Dr. David Cameron. "How
do we ensure that students are getting quality programs? How do
we help universities assure quality and improve quality?"

To answer those questions, the MPHEC undertook extensive review
and analysis of quality assessment alternatives. Now it has
produced a paper, Options for Quality Assurance in Higher
Education in the Maritimes, and will be holding public meetings
in Halifax, Saint John and Charlottetown early in May.

"We want to hear from students, parents, teachers, institutions,
associations, governments - everyone involved with or concerned
about university quality assurance," said Dr. Cameron.

The discussion paper presents a number of approaches to quality
assurance including assessment of programs before they are
introduced, assessment of all programs in a given field or
discipline, implementation of quality assurance policies in each
institution, and reviews of quality assurance procedures and

"The aim is to assure the public that university programs in this
region are high quality," Dr. Cameron said. "At the MPHEC, it
will be our job to help Maritime institutions with this quality

The MPHEC will use the feedback from the public meetings to draft
recommendations to the Council of Maritime Premiers and the
region's universities.

"At the MPHEC, we represent a cross-section of views and a
regional perspective," Dr. Cameron said. "Since 1973, we have
been working to help the whole Maritime region make the very best
use of all our university resources. We believe that assisting in
quality assurance is yet another way we can contribute to this


NOTE TO EDITORS: For a copy of the paper, Options for Quality
Assurance in Higher Education, please contact the MPHEC office in
Fredericton,(506)453-2844. For a copy of this news release in
French call 1-800-670-4357 or 902-424-4492.

Contact: Dr. David Cameron  902-494-6626

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