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Finance Minister Bill Gillis is applauding the announcement that
The Bay and Zellers will obey national and provincial laws
requiring tax-included pricing on goods after April 7, 1997.

Dr. Gillis said, "Zellers always argued that the lowest price was
the law. In Nova Scotia on April 7, the full price is the law. I
am pleased that this company and it's sister store, The Bay are
agreeing to comply."

In a release from company headquarters earlier today, company
vice-president, Harold Chmara said, "It is not, nor has it ever
been the intention of The Bay or Zellers to defy the laws
governing the blending of the sales tax in Eastern Canada."

Dr. Gillis said he was pleased to here that. "I think this is an
important signal to the retail community that tax-included
pricing will arrive on schedule this spring. Businesses who are
genuinely trying to comply with the law, but need a bit more time
to get their systems in place will not be the target of our
initial compliance efforts. Full compliance monitoring will be in
place as of Aug. 1, 1997."

Dr. Gillis said, "The requirement to show the final price,
including the tax, on the item on the shelf or on the bin is what
consumers want. Survey after survey in Atlantic Canada has shown
this to be the case. We welcome further efforts by the retail
community to work with the government to come up with creative
solutions to the challenge.

"However, we also want to send a clear signal that the law is
firm on this and it would not be fair to let some retailers gain
an advantage over others."


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