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This is an invitation to members of the media to get involved in
heralding spring. Frogwatch is a program at the Museum of Natural
History, Halifax, that gets Nova Scotians to listen for and
report where and when, they hear the first spring call of the
spring peeper.

The peeper is Nova Scotia's groundhog. We don't see its shadow,
but when it starts to peep, we know spring is here! The peeper
starts its calling at different times in different parts of the
province because of the differences in climate. It wakes up when
the ground defrosts. So frogwatchers report peeper calls from
around the province at different times depending on the
temperature rise in their area.

In previous years, the media have let Nova Scotians know who has
heard spring peepers by airing peeper reports on TV or radio, and
publishing them in newspapers once a week. This starts around
March 17 and can go on for as long as you are interested into the
spring. Usually by the end of April, peepers have been heard
everywhere in the province and spring is here too.

If you want to get involved this year contact:

Sue Browne  902-424-3727

trp                      Mar. 3, 1997 - 2:20 p.m.