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Sport and Recreation Minister Jay Abbass, today launched the Nova
Scotia Fair & Safe Play initiative. The program is a proactive
and positive approach to reducing abusive behaviour in all sport
and recreational activities in the province.

"Fair and safe play is desirable in every recreational activity
and sport, and everyone has to be involved," said Mr. Abbass.
"Participants, parents, coaches, officials, volunteers,
supporters, facility managers and facility owners all have a
responsibility in creating a safe and enjoyable environment."

The Fair & Safe Play program encourages non-discriminatory and
risk-managed sport and recreation for everyone in the community
by providing avenues for action. Posters and explanatory
brochures clearly explain that abusive verbal and physical
behaviour is not acceptable. Adherence to the principles of Fair
& Safe Play may be considered as a prerequisite for funding
eligibility from the Sport and Recreation Commission.

Four components form the basis of the Fair & Safe Play program:

-  Risk management is an essential way of thinking and focusing
   on the sport and recreational safety and security of our

-  Fair & Safe Play facilities provide an environment which
   encourages mutual respect, understanding and the principle of
   good sportsmanship;

-  Education seeks to teach all participants the value of fair
   and safe play;

-  The Fair & Safe Play awards program has been established to
   recognise exemplary behaviour of coaches, athletes or teams
   who demonstrate the qualities of fair play.

As part of the awards program, Mr. Abbass presented the first
annual Minister's Award for Fair Play to the Dartmouth Whalers
Minor Hockey Association.

"For the past two years the Dartmouth Whalers Minor Hockey
Association has run a Fair Play pilot project at the Novice
level," said Mr. Abbass. "Coaches, players, parents and facility
managers are enthusiastic about the positive outcome that has
resulted from a fundamental change in attitude. Already, certain
behaviour is beginning to be viewed as unacceptable."

The Fair & Safe Play campaign is an example of the Sport and
Recreation Commission's role in developing and promoting policies
and programs that maintain, enhance and create quality sport,
recreation and fitness opportunities. Such programs improve
health and contribute to the social and economic well-being of
all Nova Scotians.


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