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The chair of Team South West, Human Resources Minister Allister
Surette, announced today that Maritime Tel and Tel has agreed to
accelerate the installation of digital switching in the Annapolis
region by 18 months. The service is now scheduled to be operating
by this October instead of early 1999.

Following presentations by area businesses, The Western Valley
Development Authority and Cornwallis Park Development Agency,
members of Team South West met with MT&T to discuss the
possibility of expediting the schedule for the installation of
digital switching in the Annapolis region.

Mr. Surette said, "Local businesses and the Cornwallis Park
Development Agency will have the opportunity to take advantage of
the improved service by October 1997. We are confident that this
decision will increase competitiveness for both businesses and
the agency."

Maritime Tel and Tel has indicated that the date for installation
of digital switching will also be advanced in many other parts of
the province.

Murray Mac Isaac, MT&T vice president of Major Customers said,
"The field of communications is crucial to community economic
development in Nova Scotia, and Maritime Tel and Tel is
demonstrating its confidence in continuing economic growth by
investing in our future now."


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trp                  Mar. 7, 1997 - 11:05 a.m.