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The interests of Nova Scotia must be protected and any delay in
the development of the Sable Offshore Energy Project will not be
tolerated, Natural Resources Minister Eleanor Norrie said today.

The minister said the announcement by Trans-Quebec & Maritimes
(TQM) that it intends to file an application for a pipeline to
transport natural gas from the Sable fields, "is nothing more
than an attempt to delay the project." She said the TQM proposal
is not a completed development plan, and does not include
essential details.

Mrs. Norrie said the project "must not be jeopardized by such
tactics, as any delay in the project could impact on the benefits
that Nova Scotians will derive from Sable...Nova Scotia's
interest is to see the offshore developed."

She said Department of Natural Resources staff have begun
preparing comments which will be presented to the Joint Review
Panel, focusing on the delay aspects of the TQM submission.


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