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The agri-food industry in Nova Scotia is expanding and has the
potential to create hundreds of jobs over the next year, said
Agriculture and Marketing Minister Guy Brown, after completing a
series of meetings with agri-food businesses in the Annapolis

Mr. Brown met with Stirlings to hear about their new business
that was created as a result of last fall's trade delegation to
the Caribbean.

"I believe there is an excellent potential in the apple business
particularly with government providing the leadership by way of
infrastructure for such things as cold storage and development of
new crops," said Mr. Brown.

While at a meeting with Larson Packers in Berwick, Mr. Brown
congratulated the company on its recent processing plant
improvements and discussed the importance of promoting Atlantic
grown food.

Mr. Brown completed a tour of Sarsfield Foods, where he saw great
potential in the production of produce such as raspberries,
pumpkins, strawberries and rhubarb.

"I'd like to see our production in rhubarb exceed one million
pounds in 1997, which would mean a cash crop for many farmers and
the creation of jobs," said Mr. Brown.

"Nova Scotians must start requesting produce that is Atlantic
grown. I believe there is an opportunity to create 300-500 jobs
over the next year and I encourage Nova Scotians to look at what
we produce and realize the economic impact that our purchases
have on the agri-food business," said Mr. Brown.


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