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Five businesses in the Annapolis Valley are receiving provincial
support to upgrade operations that will help them stay
competitive outside Nova Scotia. Premier John Savage and Economic
Renewal Minister Richie Mann announced details at a news
conference in Kentville today.

Sarsfield Foods Ltd. will receive $302,000 towards a major plant
expansion under the Shipper Assistance Program which is
administered by the Economic Renewal Agency.

"Sarsfield's decision to expand is great news. It's the kind of
initiative that is making a real difference, as government and
the business community work side by side to rebuild our economy,"
Premier Savage said.

The company, which produces 100,000 pies a day, has come a long
way since it was founded in 1977. Today, Sarsfield is the leading
producer of frozen fruit pies in Canada and is gaining a strong
foothold in the United States market. 

"While the recipes are the same, the company that Leonard
Sarsfield started in his kitchen has become a world-class plant
with 150 employees. That's what I call an impressive home-grown
success story," said Premier Savage.

Sarsfield president Kirk McGrath said, "One of our biggest growth
opportunities is south of the border, where we've been exporting
for three years. Upgraded facilities will help us reduce costs so
that we can stay competitive outside Nova Scotia."

Mr. Mann said, "Sarsfield's success speaks volumes about the
quality of Nova Scotia products."  He also had more good news to
share. In addition to the investment in Sarsfield, the province
contributed $125,000 for a plant expansion at Avon Foods in
Berwick, and Avon Valley Greenhouses in Falmouth received
$177,000 to enhance production and increase plant yields.

"We're investing in advanced technology, including high intensity
lighting that will improve the quality of our rose production,"
said Avon Valley president Malcom Isnor.

The company, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1992,
employs more than 100 people at its operation in Falmouth. "We
started as one greenhouse and now we're among the top 10
greenhouses of its kind in Canada, with 700,000 square feet in
operation 52 weeks of the year," Mr. Isnor said.

The Economic Renewal Agency is providing Canadian Keys Fibre in
Hantsport with $383,000 for manufacturing process improvements,
and Britex in Bridgetown has received $38,475 towards the cost of
an automated distribution system.

"These companies are looking to the future with great
determination and optimism -- characteristics we need to build a
healthy, prosperous and proud Nova Scotia," Mr. Mann said.

The Shipper Assistance Program was established to help companies
that faced increased transportation costs when the federal
government cut the Atlantic Region Freight Assistance Program.

"The program has been a tremendous success, helping 26 companies
across the province so far. I'm pleased to announce that
sufficient funding still exists to maintain the program for at
least another year," Mr. Mann said.


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