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The introduction of the Harmonized Sales Tax on April 1 means
that for the first time in recent memory, all liquor prices in
Nova Scotia will be reduced, Sandy Jolly, minister responsible
for the Liquor Control Act announced today.

"The HST will reduce the tax on liquor from 18.77 per cent to 15
per cent effective April 1," Ms. Jolly said. "This entire tax
saving will be passed through to consumers, resulting in lower
prices at the liquor commission."

For example, a case of 12 beer will go down from $15.05 to
$14.60. A 750 ml bottle of rum costing $22.14 will be reduced to
$21.45, and a 750 ml bottle of wine selling for $9.25 will cost
$8.96 on April 1.

"This is an excellent example of how the HST will reduce prices
on many consumer goods," Ms. Jolly said. "It certainly provides
an example for private sector companies to follow once the HST
comes into effect."

Ms. Jolly said the lower tax rate will enable the liquor
commission to lower its licence revenue charge to licensees from
10 per cent to 9.3 per cent, effective April 1.


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