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Regulatory issues affecting Nova Scotia's emerging biotechnology
companies are the topic of a biotechnology training seminar
hosted by the Biotechnology Working Groups (NS) Tuesday, March
25, in Halifax.

Two representatives from the United States Food and Drug
Administration (US FDA) will discuss regulatory issues and
provide an opportunity the following day for one-on-one
consultation with interested companies.

The training seminar will discuss key biotechnology issues such
as U.S. FDA pre-market requirements, good manufacturing
practices, new import/export requirements, biological products,
medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. This event has been
coordinated by Industry Canada and the Biotechnology Working

The Biotechnology Working Groups (NS) is an industry association
representing companies working in marine research, food,
pharmaceuticals and diagnostic areas of the bio-industry sector
of Nova Scotia. The working group has two clusters of members
- one in the Halifax-metro area and another in the Annapolis
Valley. The biotechnology working groups have an office at
InNOVAcorp - Nova Scotia's crown corporation focused on assisting
Nova Scotia businesses to commercialize their technology-based
products and services.

"Our focus is to actively pursue commercialization of advanced
biological technology in this province." We are here to share
information, and make connections for our companies." said group
chair Dr. Mike Winther.

"This seminar is a valuable opportunity for our members. Marine
research, food, pharmaceuticals and medical devices - these are
areas Nova Scotia companies are working in, and they will need to
understand the FDA regulations to do business in the United

The session March 25th will be held from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at
the World Trade and Convention Centre, Highland Suite six.
Sponsorship for the event is provided by the Business Development
Bank of Canada (BDC), the Canadian Institute of Biotechnology and
the Nova Scotia Economic Renewal Agency.

The Biotechnology Working Groups association is funded by the
Canadian Institute of Biotechnology and the Canada/Nova Scotia
COOPERATION Agreement managed by the Atlantic Canada
Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and InNOVAcorp.


Contact: Janet Colpitts  902-424-8670  ext. 129

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