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On election night almost four years ago I pledged the following:

"I will do my best to earn your confidence and your trust by
letting the actions and deeds of my government speak of our
commitment to social, political and economic reform."

Those sentiments are as true today as they were on May 25th,

Over the past four years the task of reshaping government was an
imperative I could not ignore. To make sure that essential
government programs and services could be maintained, change had
to take place.

This task required a certain kind of leadership. Nova Scotia
needed a government and a leader who would not shy away from
making tough decisions. This is the kind of leadership I have
tried to provide.

The stage has been set so that Nova Scotians can now expect to
benefit from the sacrifices of the past four years. Health,
education and social programs have been secured for the benefit
of future generations.

I have now accomplished much of what I set out to do four years
ago. Accordingly, after careful consideration and with mixed
emotions I have decided to step down as Premier of Nova Scotia
and Leader of the Liberal Party. I intend to remain as Premier
until a new leader is chosen.

Just a short time ago I informed my cabinet and caucus colleagues
of my decision. I have also spoken with the President of the
Liberal Party.

My decision to step down was my decision. It wasn't taken lightly
and it was definitely not an easy one to make.

I entered political life not to cut budgets, but to build a
strong foundation on which Nova Scotia could move confidently
towards the 21st Century. I have worked hard to do my part in
building a stronger and more vibrant Nova Scotia. Only time will
tell how well I've succeeded.

In closing, I thank members of my cabinet and caucus for their
support during the good times and the bad. Only they can fully
appreciate how really challenging it has been to stay the course
and do what was right for Nova Scotia.

I thank the staff of both my Halifax and Dartmouth offices. Their
loyalty and support over the past four years has been very
gratifying. Thanks also to members of my constituency executive
and all the Liberals in Dartmouth who have provided so much

It also has been a very great privilege to serve as Leader of the
Nova Scotia Liberal Party.

I can not say enough about the support, loyalty and love that I
have consistently received from my wife Margaret and all the
members of my family.

I am proud to serve as Premier of Nova Scotia and to represent
this Province at home and around the world. I thank Nova Scotians
for this privilege.

Nova Scotia is at a very important turning point in its history.
We are on the threshold of a bright and secure future. I am
confident that it is a future that holds great promise for our
children and I'm proud to have played a part in the process.

Thank you.


trp                       Mar. 20, 1997 - 12 p.m.