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Athletics East Association is investigating the viability of
establishing a high-performance sport and recreational training
centre at the former CFB Cornwallis base. 

At a news conference in Clementsport this morning, the non-profit
organization announced that it will spend six months developing
business, corporate and marketing plans for the proposed centre.

Part of the project involves hosting an international "think
tank" which will bring some of the world's top athletes and
sports experts to Clementsport this spring. The three-day
conference, May 20-22, will give leading sports figures the
opportunity to see the site first-hand and provide suggestions
for its development as a training centre for athletes and teams.
Up to 65 people, including several Olympic athletes and coaches,
are expected to attend the conference.

Former curling champion Penny LaRocque is a director at Athletics
East Association. She said, "CFB Cornwallis trained troops for 50
years and we would like to see this facility train our athletes.
We have a vision of providing Nova Scotians the opportunity to
train, for competition or recreation, at a world-class facility."

The Economic Renewal Agency (ERA), Human Resources Development
Canada (HRDC) and the Cornwallis Park Development Agency (CPDA)
each contributed $41,741 to the project. The Atlantic Canada
Opportunities Agency (ACOA) contributed $35,100 and Annapolis
Ventures provided $3,896 in assistance.

Paul LaFleche, chairman of the CPDA board, said, "Cornwallis Park
would be an excellent location for this facility, offering
athletes lodging, meals, and a quiet environment to focus on

Elizabeth Rice of Annapolis Ventures, the local business
development centre, said, "Athletics East will present many
opportunities to the people of this area."

As part of the six-month planning exercise, Athletics East is
developing a number of pilot projects, including hosting the
pre-World Canoeing Championship training camp, offering summer
day camps for children, and providing soccer and cross-country
track and field training camps.


Contact: Steve Fairbairn, ERA                        902-424-5836

         Ed Murray, HRDC                             902-426-1802

         Rhonda Holtz, ACOA                          902-426-3470

         Paul LaFleche, CPDA                         902-245-8455

         Elizabeth Rice, Annapolis Ventures          902-665-2635
         Penny LaRocque, Athletics East Association  902-638-8632

         Charles Scarrow, Athletics East Association 902-638-8632

trp                    Mar. 21, 1997 - 12:40 p.m.