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The provincial government is pleased with the results of the
Auditor General's special audit of the Atlantic Lottery
Corporation (ALC), and will champion the recommendations at the
ALC board of directors table, Bill Gillis said Monday.

Dr. Gillis, minister responsible for the Nova Scotia Gaming
Corporation, said Nova Scotia commissioned the audit in the
spirit of an open, accountable lottery and gaming industry, and
the province's Auditor General has made recommendations that will
help in that regard.

"In commissioning the audit we were also interested in
determining whether Nova Scotians are receiving all the benefits
to which they are entitled as partners in Atlantic Lottery. The
Auditor General identifies some inequities in the profit and cost
distribution formula that the four provinces will have to

The minister also noted that the province is pleased that the
Auditor General concluded that the integrity of Atlantic Lottery
and its games are not in question.

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward
Island are partners in the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, which
conducts lotteries in, and on behalf of, all four provinces. The
ALC board of directors is made up of two representatives from
each province. Profits and costs are distributed among the
provinces based on a six-year old formula.

Ralph Fiske, chairman of the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation said
the audit recommended action to address a number of Nova Scotia's
concerns with Atlantic Lottery.

Those concerns include profit and cost distribution, the
distribution of economic benefits from ALC activity, the lottery
corporation's recent decision to lease new space in Moncton (a
decision opposed by Nova Scotia's representatives on the ALC
board), and general accountability.

"In Nova Scotia, the Gaming Corporation reports in detail every
quarter about the financial and business aspects of gaming, and
the Nova Scotia Gaming Control Commission's annual report is the
most complete account of gaming activity produced by any
province. We'd like to see Atlantic Lottery embrace a similar
standard of accountability, and the Auditor General agrees," Mr.
Fiske said.


Contact: Ralph Fiske  902-424-2203

NOTE TO EDITORS: Copies of the special shareholder's audit report
on the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, prepared by Nova Scotia's
Auditor General, are available at the Nova Scotia Government
Bookstore, 1700 Granville Street, Halifax, call 1-800-526-6575
(toll free) or from the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation

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