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The new junior high school in Sydney, which is catching national
attention, was officially opened today by Education and Culture
Minister Robbie Harrison, the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional
School Board and private sector partner TR3LC Sydney Inc.

"This is a Nova Scotia first and Cape Breton has led the way,"
said Mr. Harrison. "This school was designed and built from the
community out, and the result is a school and community resource
that is second to none."

The consortium has worked closely with all partners, including
the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board. "Working on a new
school-building process such as this one required a special
co-operation among all the partners. Sherwood Park is proof that
the process worked. I am proud of all the partners; their
commitment made this project a success," said board
superintendent Hayes MacNeil.

Teachers and students at Sherwood Park begin their days by
logging into a "virtual classroom" that allows them to send
messages, keep attendance and to access resources like the
encyclopaedia. Each classroom is equipped with at least five
computers and network connections can be found in the hallways, 
common areas and even the gymnasium, allowing for maximum
flexibility. Teachers have all been assigned laptop computers and
can dial in from home to access the school's computer network. In
the morning, they can plug in their laptop and transmit lesson
plans and activities over any one of the 50 television monitors
found in the school. Monitors in the hallways broadcast
everything from the lunch menu to the top scorer in the latest
school basketball game.

The technology and curriculum software is designed to act as a
tool to enhance learning said Mr. Harrison. "While the technology
is impressive, it is the people who learn and work there that
make the school truly remarkable."

Mr. Harrison said all new schools in Nova Scotia will now be
built using this model. "This has been a rewarding process and
we've all learned along the way. We're taking these lessons and
applying them as we build all new schools in Nova Scotia
- faster, with more community involvement and the latest in

The new school serves approximately 675 students in 24
classrooms. In addition to a full-size gymnasium, the school
features a unique cafetorium that doubles as a cafeteria and
auditorium, a computer lab, and rooms for fine arts, music/band,
resource, family studies and technical education. Computer
connections in all areas allow space to be used in a flexible

Sherwood Park will also serve as a "hub school" and students at
surrounding schools will be technologically linked to have
computer access to similar software and on-line resources.


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