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Economic Renewal Agency Minister Richie Mann and Dalhousie
University president, Tom Traves, announced a new student
employment program today.

The $100,000 summer employment initiative is the first of its
kind between a university and government in Nova Scotia. It will
provide relevant summer job opportunities for 20 Arts, Social
Sciences and Science students who will be returning to Dalhousie
in the fall.

"We're always looking for new and more effective ways to employ
students while they are building their careers. With this new
partnership we are helping them to connect knowledge learned in
the classroom with the workplace. And that will help students
find jobs when they graduate," said Mr. Mann. "The Economic
Renewal Agency (ERA) and Dalhousie University developed this
program to meet the changing needs of students. We hope other
universities will want to participate in similar partnerships
next year."

The Partnerships in the Labour Market program will be funded by
the Economic Renewal Agency ($25,000), Dalhousie University
($25,000 from the Student Assistance Fund) and the private sector
($50,000). It will be administered jointly by the ERA and
Dalhousie University. To be eligible, students must have
qualified for university financial assistance in the previous
year and cannot be participating in any cooperative education

"Dalhousie welcomes this opportunity to participate in this
project which links arts, social sciences and science education
to work," said Mr. Traves. "Our students will gain valuable
experience, share their talents and enthusiasm and earn money
that will help them continue their studies. It's a perfect

During the work period, employers will benefit from the latest
knowledge skills being taught in university, while receiving
substantial wage subsidies for students hired. Eligible employers
include private-sector businesses and not-for-profit
organizations that have a private sector partner.

The summer work term runs from May 5 to Sept. 6. The subsidized
work term is 14 weeks. Employers may hire students for a longer
period of time if they bear the full cost of the time beyond the
14 weeks. Approved job placement opportunities will be posted at
the Dalhousie Student Employment Centre in mid-April.

The deadline for employers to submit applications is April 11,


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