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Agricultural and Marketing Minister Guy Brown met with
agricultural officials from Atlantic Canada recently in Truro to
identify potential areas of cooperation.

Mr. Brown hosted an informal meeting with New Brunswick Minister
of Agriculture and Rural Development, Douglas Tyler; Prince
Edward Island Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
director of Agriculture Division, Dr. Wendell Grasse; and
Newfoundland assistant deputy minister of Agrifoods, Martin

"There is potential for the Atlantic Provinces to work together
to become one voice on certain issues, and this meeting laid the
groundwork for that to happen," said Mr. Brown. "This will be
very important when we are meeting with the federal government on
agricultural issues," he said.

Opportunities and potential for cooperative initiatives were
identified and more discussion will be held in early June. In the
meantime items that will be developed for further discussion will
include sharing human resources, food inspection, research
funding, and the federal programs in Atlantic Canada.


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