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Aspiring, young entrepreneurs can now receive assistance in
starting their own business under a new program called Future
Quest - The Business Creation Program being offered by the Centre
for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED) in
conjunction with Human Resources Development Canada's Youth
Employment Strategy.

The program has been designed to take the participants on a
"quest" to the entrepreneur within themselves. Successful
applicants are required to go through an intensive, one-week
assessment program which includes self-assessment and

Activities include workshops led by successful entrepreneurs and
business simulations. Participants are also required to run a
business-for-a-day in which they actually start and finish a
business in one day. To be accepted into the full entrepreneurial
program, candidates must receive a recommendation based on the
assessment week.

The second stage provides individualized programs, activities and
mentoring that build on the strengths and weaknesses identified
in the assessment week. Participants are expected to launch their
businesses within 8 to 12 weeks of starting the program but will
continue to receive guidance and support for a period of time.
Incubation facilities for business start-ups will be provided as
necessary. The support provided includes income assistance on an
"as-needed-basis". The program is activity based, emphasizing
hands-on activities and entrepreneurial tours.

"Future Quest is a new, innovative program for youth that goes
beyond the off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter approach to providing
training." said Chris Curtis, chief executive officer, Centre for
Entrepreneurship Education and Development.

Assessment weeks are now being scheduled for April and May. The
program will run continuously for the next 18 months.
Applications are available at Open for Business, 1521 Grafton
Street, Halifax or by calling Ms. Sunday Miller at 902-424-7609.

"We are looking for applicants between the ages of 16 and 30
interested in starting their own business, who are highly
motivated, creative, action-oriented and determined to succeed,"
said Ms. Miller, project coordinator for Future Quest.

CEED is dedicated to the creation of a vibrant, dynamic,
self-reliant, entrepreneurial culture. CEED nurtures
entrepreneurship in young people by undertaking, creating,
coordinating, and acting as a catalyst in the areas of:
Entrepreneurship Education, Research and Program Design,
Professional Development and Community Entrepreneurship.


Contact: Colin Craig  902-424-7246

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